[White Paper] How to create a collaborative learning culture in your company?


Current skills will be obsolete tomorrow. To ensure a successful digital transformation you must engage your employees. Ultimately, among all the changes, one thing remains constant: the people.

Content summary

- Welcome Millennials in your company

- Engage your employees for a successful digital transformation

- Harness baby boomer's expertise before it's too late

- Multisite organizations, harmonize your practices

- Reshape workplace environment

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SpeachMe is a professional knowledge-sharing platform for your employees to create and share short tutorials. The Speaches (contraction of “speech” and “teach”) are a maximum of 10 minutes long and are divided into several chapters.  Speaches are 60% video and 40% other types of content: notes, images, slides, PDFs, voiceover, subtitles and quizzes. With SpeachMe, each organization is able to create a digital library of business know-how, with the contribution of field experts. 

This is an ideal solution for businesses undergoing significant transformations. We are proud to count Coca Cola, GE, Tesla, PwC, Nissan, BNP Paribas and Total among our existing clients.

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